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What Would our Country Look Like If It Were Governed By and For the Working Class?

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"Class Matters is great. It is one of the few podcasts where the issues of working people are put front and center. If the union movement is going to revive itself we urgently need more discussions about how we can inspire workers to again believe in the power of organizing and the potential of a fighting labor movement."

Richard Hooker Jr., Secretary-Treasurer & Principal Officer, Teamsters Local 623

"We need urgently to shift the terms of political debate in the United States to focus explicitly on the needs and concerns of the working-class majority. Workers must lead that struggle, and the Class Matters podcast promises to make an important contribution to discussing the vision, issues, and strategies that will help shape and advance it. I'm excited that Class Matters exists and look forward to listening to it regularly."

Sal Rosselli, President, National Union of Healthcare Workers

"This is the perfect podcast for those of us who are alarmed by a political landscape dominated by neoliberal corporatists and right-wing populists, and who believe that the only hope for our democracy is working class organizing, solidarity and direct action. Class Matters is the urgent conversation we need to have at this 'hinge moment' in our nation's history."


Virginia Diamond, President, Northern Virginia AFL-CIO

"The Class Matters podcast is a breath of fresh air. It goes far beyond the partisan babble of cable news and internet chatter to discuss issues that are of greatest importance to workers and from a clear and unapologetic working-class perspective. It should be indispensable for trade unionists and all working people."

C. Robert McDevitt, President, UNITE-HERE Local 54, Atlantic City, NJ


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